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Nohup Technologies is an open source development company that works with clients to build web-based products from the initial idea to revenue monetization.

Idea Generation

We help you brainstorm a new product, service, or store concept based on the value you deliver to the target customer, the features your product may incorporate, how much competition you have, and what you can charge.

Technical Implementation

We flesh out your initial idea in terms of specific business scenarios and UI prototypes. We use open source solutions to bring your product to life (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP / Python / Perl + Drupal / Django / MongoDB).

Beta Testing

Before hitting the market with a full product launch, we help you test the waters with a limited beta availability. We make adjustments where necessary based on the feedback. Your product is then ready to launch!

Product Launch & Marketing

We help you market your web product, service, or store over the Internet through search engines, social media, mailing lists and affiliates. We help you run ad campaigns that target your product's demographic.

Revenue Monetization

If your web product, service, or store is not doing as well as you want, we can help you generate revenue online and even offline. We can suggest tweaks to your existing business model to better connect with customers and give them reasons to buy from you.


We can assist you in keeping your website up-to-date with new content and technology on a regular basis. We can dedicate a webmaster to take the hassle out of managing your website, so you are free to do what you do best.