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Understanding Drupal module Ubercart Affiliate v2

The Drupal module Ubercart Affiliate v2 allows an e-commerce site based on Ubercart to track product sales that were generated thanks to affiliates, and calculate commissions earned by the affiliates on those sales.

Setting up Affiliates on an e-commerce site

Create a role to manage the users that would be the affiliates for the e-commerce site. Navigate to Administration » People » Permissions » Roles or follow the link /admin/people/permissions/roles. Add a role named 'affiliate'. [Screenshot: Drupal Admin | Create role for affiliate]

Understanding Drupal module me aliases

The Drupal module me aliases provides an easy way to create URLs specific to a logged-in user. Without the me aliases module, URLs for a logged-in user would have the user's uid, for example when editing the user's profile /user/269763/edit. With the me aliases module, the same URL would be /user/me/edit. In effect, the module replaces the me in the URL with the code ($user->uid).

Suppose you want to add a menu item called "My Profile" to your Drupal site. Here's how the screen Site Building » Menu » Primary Links » Add Item would look: [Graphic: Add My Profile link with Drupal me aliases module]