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Using JSON in Google Flights

Google Flights API uses JSON Arrays to send and receive data to and fro its RPC server www.google.com/flights/rpc.

A flight search via a URL like www.google.com/flights/#search;f=SJC;t=EWR,JFK,LGA;d=2012-04-05;r=2012-04-12 causes search results to be returned in 5 parts.

In each HTTP POST request to the RPC server, the custom HTTP Headers X-GWT-Permutation and X-GWT-Module-Base are required to be sent, otherwise there will be no response.

A first look at Google Flights

Google Flights launched yesterday. I would like to stick my neck out and say that an API will soon be available. Having said that, let's see what it looks like right now.

[Screenshot: Google Flight Search | SFO JFK] Say you want to fly cross-country for Thanksgiving. On Flight Search page, enter the From and To airports that you would like to fly, as also the Departure and Return dates. Notice that the URL changes to reflect this input as parameters of an HTTP GET request.


This URL is easily deconstructed: